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Email Marketing Services

Nowdays, lots of business competition is seen in every business industry. Every business work hard, with the intention of surviving and achieve the top rank in this competitive market. Therefore, companies are trying to implement all possible marketing techniques to fly ahead their rivals. Since users are found more online today, business companies are incorporating a wider scale online marketing strategies and e-mail marketing strategy is one of its digital marketing tool.


Pantech website and seo in delhi provides the best email marketing service in this industry


E-mail Marketing


Pantech website and seo in delhi is an e-mail marketing company in Delhi that helps you reach your customers directly via e-mail. We provide direct email marketing services to our customers, through which information about your business / product / service is sent out like a missile. Whatever you are selling, we can direct you to many potential customers directly at the right price through email marketing.


Pantech website and seo in delhi send messages of your business / product / service directly to your potential customers, who do not know about your business or products or services, who are interested in the area of your business expertise using different digital marketing strategies like infographics, emails and text links. You can easily track how effective your email marketing service is by monitoring the number of hits your website receives after mass mailing.


E-mail marketing, a part of digital marketing service, is a trendy way to reach your correct audience in the area. Keeping in mind the importance of creating your brand image, Pantech website and SEO in Delhi, not only provide email marketing service with unique text content, but rich in media formats, creative and beautiful images that give your business a deliquent feel and essence. We help you target your users through digital media direct or indirect email marketing campaign.


Target the customers through effective E-mail Marketing



Target the customers through E-mail Marketing

Today, if a person wants to buy any product or service, then first he will go online to collect information about the product or service. Therefore, it is very important to showcase each business in online searches to maximize business. And email marketing is an effective tool for delivering the necessary information about your products or services to your existing and potential customers. Businesses are using this technology globally to increase the business and make their online existence.


Pantech website and seo in delhi is a leading and trusted e-mail marketing company in Delhi where thousands of businesses people then seek help when they need to send email campaigns, bulk mail, newsletters etc. We have real and reliable databases available on all email addresses of potential customers involving categories like students, IT professionals, high net worth individuals, regular travelers, online buyers, etc.


Why clients love Pantech website and seo in delhi?



Thus, Pantech website and seo in delhi is a trusted Delhi-based email marketing company that provides email marketing solution, web-based email marketing service. Our email marketing services are designed to be attractive and responsive so that you get the maximum benefit. Our email marketing campaigns are fast, more frequent, more committed, more just and creative in their effects. With the broad experience supported by our other places of IT solutions, we follow related aspects such as research, organization, organization, implementation, promotion, follow and use search engine optimization.


The main goal of Pantech website and SEO in Delhi is to focus on the intentions presented by the target audience and our client briefly. All these different factors are updated in order to create a successful e-mail marketing campaign based on the most recent technical options so that you can get the best direct profit by our Email Marketing Services.


Email Marketing


E-mailers Start Up Regular Premium
Emailer Campaign Starts from 55,000 Starts from 1,50,000 Starts from 2,50,000
Emailer Designs Yes Yes Yes
Landing Page No No Yes
Emailer leading to landing Page Yes Yes Yes
Details of user Name, Email Name, Email Name, Email
Reports of mail delivery Yes Yes Yes
Total Opening Report No No Yes
Website visitor count through Mailers No No Yes
  • 100% Mobile Responsive

    Our all websites are Mobiles and tablet responsive to fit all devices for better look.

  • Creative Web Designs

    Pantech provides creative & userfriendly website designs for professional business

  • Affordable Prices

    Pantech offers affordable websites without compromizing the quality and features.

  • Google Analytics

    We provide Google Analytics code integration kit with website to monitor all type of traffic.

  • Updated Technology

    One of the best feature of Pantech using latest web technologies to stay ahead.

  • Pantech SEO Websites

    Pantech provides SEO friendly websites with google authentic guidelines.

  • Social Media Integration

    We uses all Social Media channels to keep clients updates to their customers.

  • Dedicated Team

    Pantech comprises of Professional & experienced team to provide you perfect work structure all along.

  • RealTime Management

    Our clients get real time management flow chart for their work as project authenticity.

Pantech is the best digital marketing companies delhi offering ppc, online marketing service, whatsapp marketing, adwords Management Company.

Small businesses generally prefer a stable website because they are easy to make and spend in cheap. These websites use only HTML and CSS and can manage up to 20 pages. Dynamic website is preferred by large businesses because it may include company logo, additional menu and other accessories. This website uses scripting with HTML and CSS.

A website that can be easily accessed from any device from large screen to small screen smartphones in a systamatic manner is called mobile responsive websites.

For creative and attractive website and to drive traffic, you will need the following Pantech services:

1. Pantech Website Design Services

2. Pantech Website Revamping Services

3. Pantech Website Content Development Services

To drive more traffic to your website surelu opt for:

1. Pantech Digital Marketing Services

2. Pantech SEO services

3. Pantech SMO services

4. Pantech Paid Campaigns

No! Digital marketing is broader term and SEO is one part of it. SEO reffered to Search Engine Optimization can be onpage or offpage optimization and is consedred as a platform for digital marketing.

Yes! the content has to be provided by client which can be given in jpg/png files for pictures or content in MS Word, PDF, etc.

There are limitations in terms of access to traditional marketing methods, outreach, cost, data analysis, etc. On the other hand, digital marketing extends your outreach and takes you straight to the global platform in a short time. Ease of marketing, time-cost efficiency, real-time data analysis, etc. makes digital marketing the preferred choice on traditional marketing.

It starts from INR Rs 3500 - 25000 as per clients requirements.

No! everything is transparent and the client is well informed about all the charges well in advance.

Yes! for any technical or non-technical matters their is 24*7 help support.

Yes! For the first year, AMC - Annual maintainence charge is free and thereafter we can provide it on demand.

Minimum 3-4 days goes to maximum of one week only.

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Pantech - There are many facets of it. To promote your business, you have to be present on digital gadgets: radio, phone, internet, print media etc.


The moment you have a question in your mind; You click the mouse or touch the screen. Enter your main words, the search engine shines a list in front of you.


Social Media Optimization is the use of many social media results and communities to promote a product, brand or event to increase awareness.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a kind of marketing strategy in which a commercial mail is sent to a lot of people. It helps customers gain trust, confidence in company, product and brand.